Up in smoke!
Every year in America we produce approximately 200 million tons of straw, much of which is burned. That equates to around 8 billion straw bales, or enough to build approximately 20 million-2000 square foot houses!


Welcome to GreenStrawBaling.com! This site documents our attempt at building a simple straw bale structure (completed as of the summer of 2010). It is no more than a four sided building with no partitions or plumbing and minimal wiring. The structure sits upon a shallow, frost-protected, rubble-trench foundation.

Structure complete

The structure is complete. The small generator provides about 900 watts to power a light or two.

The design and execution of this structure employ post and beam construction with straw bale infill, topped with a conventionally framed gabled roof. The ceiling joists support a loft at either end of the building, and there is a 6 foot porch at one end covered with an 8 foot overhang, which is supported by a timber framed truss and two log posts. The floor is acid-stained concrete. Much of the lumber used was cut on site from wind-fallen trees.